Mozilla SeaMonkey 2.33.1 Multilingual

Web-browser, advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and HTML editing without installation.

Portable SeaMonkey Multilingual MultiVersion Online (0.5 MB) 31/10/13

Select language and enter Version Number: 2.33.1

If you want Modern skin, check accept on first run, click on Continue but close and restart by launcher.

NPAPI Flash Plugins

Can use Java Runtime Environment Portable

Multilingual Online will download setup in selected language (Belarusian, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, German, English, SpanishInternational, Spanish, Finnish, French, Galician, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, SimpChinese, TradChinese) and extract files.

Settings of installed SeaMonkey should be preserved.

Multi-Users: change Profile by editing SeaMonkeyPortable.ini with User=NameOfNewUser